About Us

The “Christian Present Company” was organized in 2002 in Moscow, Russia. We currently market our gift products¬†throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries where Russian speaking Believers live. Our products are used as a way to reach out to Unbelievers with the Gospel of Christ.

In 2014, we began producing gift products for English speaking countries as well. We hope you will find them attractive¬†and suitable to give to Unbelievers as a means of saying “WE LOVE YOU” and so does Christ.

We work hard to produce high quality products and provide excellent Customer Service.

If you are interested in SHARING OUR MISSION by purchasing our products, please contact us at c-present@mail.com

We would count it a privilege to be of service to you.

Blessings from the folks at Christian Present,

Stanislav Gaponov.